Welcome at InduTech Int.

InduTech Int. has become over the years a well known player in the world of hot melt equipment with subsidiairies in Zandhoven (BE), Eindhoven (NL) and Louvil (FR). All our employees can look back on years of related field experience and get properly trained for their job : your guarantee for professional advice. A complete range of hot melt equipment, carefully selected on quality and price, combined with a flexible and efficient service make of InduTech Int. your dedicated partner to rely on for all your hot melt applications and related service activities.


Our Core Competences

  • Most of our employees have more than 15 years of relevant experience which forms a solid foundation for professional advice for all your gluing problems.
  • We carefully select the best configuration out of the product range of our top quality suppliers. This allows us to offer standard equipment where possible and tailor made where useful resulting in the most cost-effective proposal.
  • Price concious advice : we select solid quality equipment, at the right price. In that way we come to the same level of performance with prices up to 40% lower than our competitors.
  • We honnor a quick, flexible, efficient approach and easy-to-do- business-with philiosophy.