Hot Melt Lijmslangen

HM Heated Hoses, TC-Style, Pt100, DN8 mm

Hot Melt Lijmslangen

Special versions on demand :

- H = High Temperature (up to 250°C)

- K = No solenoid control wiring

- L = Integrated Hot Air tubing

- LB = Integrated Hot Air tubing + add. socket

TH-versions also available on request

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HM Heated Hose, TC12-8-P, Pt100, 8 mm x 1.20 mtrn/aMX.TC1208.PTask quote
HM Heated Hose, TC18-8-P, Pt100, 8 mm x 1.80 mtrn/aMX.TC1808.PTask quote
HM Heated Hose, TC24-8-P, Pt100, 8 mm x 2.40 mtrNN-222777MX.TC2408.PTask quote
HM Heated Hose, TC30-8-P, Pt100, 8 mm x 3.00 mtrNN-222778MX.TC3008.PTask quote
HM Heated Hose, TC40-8-P, Pt100, 8 mm x 4.00 mtrNN-222779MX.TC4008.PTask quote
HM Heated Hose, TC50-8-P, Pt100, 8 mm x 5.00 mtrNN-222780MX.TC5008.PTask quote
HM Heated Hose, TC60-8-P, Pt100, 8 mm x 6.00 mtrNN-222781MX.TC6008.PTask quote
HM Heated Hose, TC70-8-P, Pt100, 8 mm x 7.00 mtrNN-222782MX.TC7008.PTask quote
HM Heated Hose, TC74-8-P, Pt100, 8 mm x 7.40 mtrNN-222783MX.TC7408.PTask quote
HM Heated Hose, TC80-8-P, Pt100, 8 mm x 8.00 mtrNN-222784MX.TC8008.PTask quote
HM Heated Hose, TC90-8-P, Pt100, 8 mm x 9.00 mtrNN-222799MX.TC9008.PTask quote
HM Heated Hose, TC100-8-P, Pt100, 8 mm x 10.00 mtrNN-222800MX.TC10008.PTask quote
HM Heated Hose, TC110-8-P, Pt100, 8 mm x 11.00 mtrNN-222823MX.TC11008.PTask quote
HM Heated Hose, TC120-8-P, Pt100, 8 mm x 12.00 mtrNN-222824MX.TC12008.PTask quote
HM Heated Hose, TC130-8-P, Pt100, 8 mm x 13.00 mtrNN-222825MX.TC13008.PTask quote